and Tigerflight Handmade



I am an artist living and working in the DC area since 1998.

I grew up surrounded by makers. My father was an art teacher who had a clay studio in a barn behind our house and my mother is a quilter who can whip out a dress in her sleep. I inherited a compulsion to make stuff so here I am.

I majored in theatre in college and grad school and came to the DC area to work for the Shakespeare Theatre. I was there for 10 years when I realized that I really enjoyed making and talking about art more than theatre, which was really my vehicle and space to make stuff so I left theatre to try my hand at arts management.

Now I am trying to make it as an artist which…, it’s hard. There’s so much I don’t know how to do- like this website for example. They (“they”) say it’s easy but as you can see for me it’s not, so thank you for stopping by as I try to update this thing and get my work up.

In the meantime you can follow me on instagram as @tigerflight to see what I’m working on


Beth B.